Knauf Insulation launches new safety campaign for World Day for Safety at Work 2021

By Shoko McKay
April 28, 2021

World Day for Safety and Health at Work provides us all with an opportunity to renew focus on safety and work to prevent accidents and diseases in the workplace. On this day at Knauf Insulation sites around the world, our teams will take part in a range of activities under a new Knauf Insulation safety campaign called Take Care Everywhere.

Here in the Asia Pacific region, Knauf Insulation’s new glasswool manufacturing facility is hosting its own event to mark the occasion. Kalai Selvan Ramalingham, who is the Health, Safety and Environment Manager at the factory in Johor Bahru in southern Malaysia, has planned a series of team building activities with a clear safety focus.

Speaking of the events planned, Kalai said: “On the day we’ll have a team of approximately 40 people, and we plan to have a line stoppage to come together and work through the Take Care Everywhere principles, practice hazard identification, and share our much anticipated safety video which we created recently with local workers.”

The Take Care Everywhere principles are as follows:

  • • Expect the unexpected – Managing risk keeps us safe
  • • Investigate all incidents – Share lessons learned
  • • Fix risk rapidly – Don’t ignore it. Solve it.
  • • Accept mistakes happen – Make work fail-safe
  • • Speak up, listen up – Let’s work together for safety
  • • Stay safe outside work – We take care everywhere
  • • Give transparent feedback – Total honesty is essential
  • • Put safety first. Always. – It’s our top priority every day

A safety culture today and every day

Kalai Selvan Ramalingham has been integral to the safe commissioning of the new Malaysian factory. His role involves carrying out regular safety audits, leading risk assessments, identifying and remediating hazards and unsafe practices, ensuring compliance with all aspects of health, safety and environmental legislation, and fostering a safe work culture among employees.

“We have many different colleagues from different backgrounds here at the factory, and World Safety Day is yet another opportunity to strengthen our culture of safety,” Kalai continued.  

Each of us is responsible for stopping injuries and deaths on the job, be it as an employee who commits to working safely, or as an employer who delivers a safe and healthy work environment. Congratulations to the whole Knauf Insulation group in your continued efforts to put safety first.

More about our new Malaysian factory

The new glasswool insulation factory, located in Johor Bahru in the southern part of the country, will have capacity to produce 75,000 tonnes of glasswool per year and at peak production is estimated to create 150 jobs.  It features state-of-the-art technology and control equipment making it one of the most efficient and sustainable insulation plants in the Asia Pacific region.

The factory uses up to 80 per cent post-consumer recycled glass in the manufacturing process and features Knauf Insulation's patented high compression packaging. All products are made using Knauf Insulation’s revolutionary bio-based mineral binder, ECOSE® Technology, with no added phenol or formaldehyde, which has revolutionised the world of construction and allowed Knauf Insulation to confirm its leading position in the field of sustainability.

Highly efficient shipping logistics from Malaysia will also enable Knauf Insulation to develop new distribution partnerships in the South-East Asian region and strengthen its presence in the major insulation markets of Australia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Singapore.

Read more about the timeline of construction and commissioning of the Malaysian glasswool insulation plant.
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Cover Image: Knauf Insulation employees pictured outside the Malaysian glasswool manufacturing facility wearing safety-themed, Take Care Everywhere t-shirts (from left to right): Mustafa Amre, Mohammed Amirul Amin, Muhammed Amirul, Mohd Shukri, Mohd Naim, Muhammad Syafiq Hakeem, Kalai Selvan Ramalingham.