Quality excellence

We take quality to another level by talking to the people who use our products, understanding their challenges, adapting our products to the market and giving our customers the quality that they really need.

"All of my installers prefer Knauf Insulation. We have guys in the field who refuse to use anything else because they don't get the results that they get with Knauf Insulation. It's consistent, load after load after load. It cuts better and it's less dusty. It's easier to install. It's neater and it looks better. Personally, Knauf Insulation is what I'd rather use on everything."

"As an insulation distributor, we rate Knauf Insulation as one of the finest suppliers we have.  They provide a quality product, a good inventory and they make the distributor feel like a true partner. Whether it's the service aspect of the business or packaging the product or the Glasswool itself, every year it seems to get better. And of all the manufacturers I've dealt with, the Knauf Insulation people, by far, exhibit the highest level of integrity, character and loyalty. They're just really great people. We learned a lesson from Knauf Insulation - if you treat everybody like your best customer, you're going to retain your customers for life."